Monday, June 29, 2009

Love Monsters : Krause Springs

Love Monsters beat the TX heat by camping out in Krause Springs last weekend. With 60 degree water flowing from this natural TX spring, it was the only way one could enjoy camping in this unbearable Texas heat. More pictures here!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Love Monsters : Fossil Rim

The Love Monsters were in Glen Rose Tx this weekend. The Paluxy river was a welcome place to cool down after a long road tip through the Fossil Rim Wild Life park. We bad a blast taking pictures of all the wild animals and searching for dinosaur tracks in the river.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mason Jar Lanterns

While rummaging through my favorite hardware store looking for outdoor patio lighting to spruce up my backyard table, I had an epiphany... Candles are the most inexpensive lighting available- mason jars will not only protect the light, but reflect it beautifully- thus, the Mason Jar Lantern was born.

This was such an inexpensive and very simple craft project that will add a delightful warm glow to any table setting, or backyard patio. You can buy mason jars of all shapes and sizes from just about any hardware store, or Walmart. I chose a 22 gauge copper wire to work with, but you could also use brass, silver, or even black. I also mixed mason jars with small baby food jars to give myself a bouquet of sizes to work with.
Tools Needed:
Just your crafty hands,and pliers to cut the wire.

Various mason jars, and or, baby food jars
Votive candles
22 gauge wire (copper, brass or silver)
Clear tape

Getting Started:
Remove and discard the jar lids. Begin by cutting a long piece of wire that would be capable of wrapping around the jar many times. Start from the middle of the cut piece and wrap both ends around the lip of the jar a few times. *Starting from the middle of the wire will give you the two two long pieces available to create the handle in the end.
From the lip of the jar, secure the wire under one of the loops, and then run it down and around the jar to hold it from the bottom. *I used some clear packing tape to secure it on the bottom, and keep it from sliding around.
Then run what's left of the wire back up the other side to the top and around the jar to create the handle. Twisting the two wires together creates a nice look, and also makes the handle more sturdy.
Next place your candle of choice in the center. The votive candles melt down beautifully, and when the wick goes out you can just place another on top and build up the pretty wax layers inside.
Light the candles.

*Lanterns best enjoyed at dusk while sitting outside with a glass of wine and good friends