Monday, August 25, 2008

Trampled by the Amazon Woman

I was trampled on Friday.

I was just hanging out with my girlfriends at the latest hot spot in Dallas, Joyce, minding my own business. When out of nowhere this Amazon tribe of women came rushing through the very crowded bar. The tallest of them all, wearing her 4" Payless stilettos, was drunk stumbling worse than all of them, and my foot was caught in the mix.

I still limping today....

I understand these places get crowded, and we all bump in to one another from time to time- but if you're that tall and a little heavier set- you should really watch where you're stepping! And if you do happen to crush an unsuspecting bystander- at least have the curtsey to turn around and apologize for your elephant walk!

Okay, done venting.... Now I think I need some medical attention here.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Best road stop in Texas!

If you ever find yourself on a road trip in between Dallas & Houston you have to make a point to stop at this amazing smoke house in Centerville Texas. Woody's Smokehouse has 16 different flavors of Jerky- at TX road trip must have- Ask to try the Tender Buffalo Jerky **My favorite! This unsuspecting road stop also boasts hundreds of other snacks, jams, cheeses, and a barbecue! Along with my usual purchase of Buffalo Jerky, and Golden Corn Nuggets, I always like to try something new each time I stop. So this time, of the 25 different flavors to choose from, I thought I'd try the Scuppernog Jelly. I have no idea what a scuppernog is..... but I have never had anything bad from Woody's, and I figure it's probably the only place in TX you can taste a scuppernog- so here goes....

Monday, August 18, 2008

Bella Karolyi, will you be my Life Coach?

Surprisingly, one of my favorite things to watch in this years Olympics has not been Michael Phelps... yes he is a bad ass, and he has amazing abs... but my favorite part of this years Olympic games is watching Bella Karolyi's commentary on our ladies in the gym. I think we could all use a little Bella in our lives to cheer us on, and call out all of the jerks in life that give us bad scores.

Dear Bella,

Will you be my Life Coach?
I am no Nastia Liukin or Shawn Johnson, but I was on the Dulles High School Gymnastics team for a year. I get so fired up when I hear you cheer on our girls. If you could just hang out in the background of my life to cheer me on too, I would really appreciate it. And then when life's judges give me bad scores, you could yell at everyone esle around to let them know that I really deserve a 9.9 instead of that undeserved 8.5.

I think it would do wonders for me.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Quick Chicago trip

It was just a quick 2 day trip to Chicago this week. But always a good time, none the less. Summers in Chicago are always amazing. The weather is perfect to chill out with good friends on a patio with a beer and good conversation. Which is exactly what I did today.

I'm really looking forward to going back at the end of the month when I'll be staying for a lot longer and I can fully enjoy this last summer month in the Windy City.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Fabulous Birthday Party

This past weekend came and went in in one big, fun filled blur. To better help me tell the story, you can click here to see some of the Party Pics.
I'll probably be posting a video similar to what I made for Lesley soon as well. Be on the look out for it. 

I felt so loved to have so many people come out to celebrate my birthday on Saturday. We probably had well over 100 come and go through Dolce to wish me a happy birthday, buy me a birthday shot, or try to give me a birthday spanking (thanks Shanna :) )
My guests for the weekend Lauren, Chad, & Shanna rock my face off! I am so blessed to have such awesome friends. So far, 25 is shaping up to be a pretty great year! 

Monday, August 11, 2008

Birthday Flowers Cake

Look at what arrived for me today at the office! My Parents sent me this cute arrangement today for my birthday! It looks like a slice of birthday cake, but it's made out of fresh flowers. Almost smells good enough to eat!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

August 9th Birthday Party!

I feel like it's Christmas Eve and I'm only a few days away from a huge treat!
I am so lucky to have some fabulous friends from all over TX come in to town to celebrate with me for my Birthday!
Let's see.....
- Awesome Friends................................. Check!
- Alcohol to entertain them...................... Check!
- Birthday Cake...................................... Check!
- Hot Dress for the party Saturday night... Check!

I Can't Wait!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Love Profile

I had so much fun taking the first Visual DNA test that I had to go back and see my Love Profile. Apparently I'm A Wistful Soul... I'd say this is pretty accurate.

Show me what your Love Type is, How Your Mind Works, or your Party Time Profile. Don't forget to share the results. This is a great way to waste a few minutes.

Personality Profile

I never pass along these silly personality profile tests, but a friend of mine showed me this one and I thought it was really interesting. It's a Visual DNA test. To take your own Click Here.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Men should not be allowed to work at Victoria's Secret

I was just shopping in VS, for what else, but some intimate apparel; and I was so annoyed that just when I found the section of lingerie I was looking for there was a young Guy in my way organizing the section!
If it had been one of the female associates this wouldn't have bothered me at all, I would have browsed through the section without problem. But this kid looked like he was enjoying his profession of panties a little too much. I was creeped out. It felt like he was checking out what all the girls in there were buying, and getting turned on by it.

I think there should be a rule against men working in this store! Any of you ladies ever had this problem?

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