Monday, August 18, 2008

Bella Karolyi, will you be my Life Coach?

Surprisingly, one of my favorite things to watch in this years Olympics has not been Michael Phelps... yes he is a bad ass, and he has amazing abs... but my favorite part of this years Olympic games is watching Bella Karolyi's commentary on our ladies in the gym. I think we could all use a little Bella in our lives to cheer us on, and call out all of the jerks in life that give us bad scores.

Dear Bella,

Will you be my Life Coach?
I am no Nastia Liukin or Shawn Johnson, but I was on the Dulles High School Gymnastics team for a year. I get so fired up when I hear you cheer on our girls. If you could just hang out in the background of my life to cheer me on too, I would really appreciate it. And then when life's judges give me bad scores, you could yell at everyone esle around to let them know that I really deserve a 9.9 instead of that undeserved 8.5.

I think it would do wonders for me.



Melissa said...

I'm not disagreeing that I would like him on my side, however it suuuure would help if I could understand him. Every time he talks I just stare at the TV stupidly because I have no idea what he is saying. I like to pride myself on understanding accents but Bella is
Can I have a different life coach? I'll just take Aaron Piersol, blue eyes anyone??

Angela said...

Oh yes! I'd definitely take Aaron Piersol... just not as my life coach :)

Melissa said...

Dibs....called it first!