Monday, August 25, 2008

Trampled by the Amazon Woman

I was trampled on Friday.

I was just hanging out with my girlfriends at the latest hot spot in Dallas, Joyce, minding my own business. When out of nowhere this Amazon tribe of women came rushing through the very crowded bar. The tallest of them all, wearing her 4" Payless stilettos, was drunk stumbling worse than all of them, and my foot was caught in the mix.

I still limping today....

I understand these places get crowded, and we all bump in to one another from time to time- but if you're that tall and a little heavier set- you should really watch where you're stepping! And if you do happen to crush an unsuspecting bystander- at least have the curtsey to turn around and apologize for your elephant walk!

Okay, done venting.... Now I think I need some medical attention here.

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Mary Beth said...

there's a group of tall women that get together called the 'skyliner's club'...true story...i'm sure it was them.