Monday, September 29, 2008

Se habla Espanol...

Inspired by my recent trip to Puerto Rico, and now that I am eagerly counting down the days till I head off to Buenos Aires, Argentina- I thought no time better than now to commit myself to learning Spanish.
I have just recently purchased Rosetta Stone and it's amazing how fast you begin to pick it up. This program is seriously addictive.

I could really use some latin locals to help me practice as well. So give me a call if you think you can help this gringo habla espanol :) and if you happen to know how to Tango that's even better! I'm studying the local dance before I leave as well.


Melissa said...

correction: gringo would be a boy and gringa would be way you'd want to describe yourself since you're a lady. I'll speak with you anytime!

Fabian said...

Any new updates on Rosetta? I've been curious about it.