Monday, March 23, 2009

Moving Weekend

Moving weekend was a success! I'm so excited to be in my new place right in the heart of all things fabulous in Dallas TX. Today I realized how wonderful it is to be so close to work... I was out on my back patio this morning enjoying my coffee and watching the dogs play, when I went to go back inside and finish getting ready, I realized the unthinkable had happened... I had locked myself out! Luckily, I had my iphone in my pocket and I was able to call my landlord to let me back in. He arrived around 8:15, I was able to get in, finish getting ready, get the dogs fed, and jet off to work- and I was still able to make the 8:29:59 Richards Group sign in with a few minutes to spare!

*Note to self- check the locks next time you go out on the deck Ang...

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