Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bioluminescent Bay tour

On Thursday night the three of us walked down to the Fajardo coast to see if we could hop on to one of the Bio-Bay tours. I had read so much about this natural phenomenon I was so excited to actually experience it for myself.
Bioluminescence is generated by microscopic organisms (similar to algae) in the water. This glowing natural wonder only occurs in 5 remote lagoons in the world! Puerto Rico is host to 3 of them.
Kayaking in moonlight is an incredible experience in itself, but that's only how we began our journey. Once leaving the ocean cove in Farajardo, we paddled into the dark mysterious mangrove trees. The 3 guides lead us through the long narrow waterway. Single file, we quietly navigated our way through the trees, with nothing but the moon in the sky and the reflections on the water to light the way.
Finally the narrow canal opened up and we all had entered the bioluminescent lagoon. Immediately I could see the water beneath the kayaks of my group light up in a vibrant blue hue! Then suddenly everyone began splashing in the water to activate the glow! As I dragged my hand through the water the electric blue glow made a vibrant trail as if I were sprinkling Tinkerbell's fairy dust throughout the water.

I feel so lucky to be one of the minute percentage of people in this world to have experienced this glowing phenomenon! Truly Amazing!

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ive said...

so cool.i am puerto rican and have never gone there hopefully this summer i will go and experience the way your camera takes amazing pictures