Monday, June 23, 2008

The Highlight of my trip!

My last afternoon in Puerto Rico was by far the best! I was told in order to make it out to Culebra, and the famous Flamenco Beach, I needed to take a quick flight out to the island. On my way there I was crammed in that tiny plane with 8 other passengers. On my way back it was just the pilot and myself. I asked if it would be okay for me to sit up front, & Victor gladly agreed, and said he'd even give me a quick flight lesson! I couldn't believe once we got up in the air he actually let me take control to steer the plane and everything! It was unreal having that kind of control in the air.
Upon leaving Culebra island, it was to stormy back in San Juan for us too land, which turned out to be great because that gave Victor time to fly us around the Carribean and he pointed out all kinds of different islands I would have never noticed before.
After the weather cleared and we began to approach our landing in San Juan he made a wide swoop around Old San Juan so I could take a look at the incredible century's old buildings, then he opened his only window to his left to give me a better view and snap a few pictures.

This last afternoon in Puerto Rico was by far one of the most unexpected, and amazing experiences! Something I will truly cherish for a lifetime.

Victor & I

Flamenco Beach from above

Best view of Old San Juan

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